Book Belonging and Ex-libris in High School Students

Bülent Köksal, Hümeyra Demircioğlu


The act of reading books is one of the easiest activities that can be done at
any age, anytime, anywhere. In this age where social media, digital world
and visuality surround everyone, fun and interesting activities should be
produced to increase the meeting of young people and children with books.
In this study, it is aimed to convey the concept of ex-libris to school-age
students who will form the habit of reading books and to strengthen the
bond between them and books in this way. In addition, it was ensured that
students adopt their books through ex-libris design.
We first announced the concept of ex-libris in a high school (Emine Ahmet
Yeni KAİH High School) with presentations and formed a working group.
First, we investigated the elements that support their desire to read books
and whether they know the concept of ex-libris with our preliminary
questionnaires. We found that almost none of the students had heard of
the concept of ex-libris before.
The study population consisted of 178 high school students determined on
a voluntary basis for the pre-survey and 38 high school students for the
application group. In the pre-survey, 12 questions were asked to determine
the students’ connection with the book. A 10-question questionnaire was
also applied to determine the change in the relationship of our students
who draw/design ex-libris with books and their sense of book belonging
after this application. In the literature review, it was seen that the low
awareness of ex-libris and the lack of application area were emphasized.
The reliability of the survey data was measured on SPSS and statistical
analyzes were made.
This study is the project that made it to the Samsun regional final within the
scope of 2204 A TÜBİTAK High School Students Research Projects.


Ex-libris, Design, Art, Book, Student.

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