Form, Content and Aesthetics In Ex-Libris

Yusuf Keş


As known, ex-libris is a work of graphic design indicating the ownership
of a book and contains the name of the person it belongs to along with
the phrase ex-libris. While ex-libris may be designed with a typographical arrangement, they can also be designed using an illustration or symbol depending on the desire of person who requested it. Often an ex-libris is designed according to the wishes of the person who orders it while they can be produced based on original ideas of the designing artist. In this study, the focus will be on to what extent the technique, visual intensity of the illustration, style of expression, simplicity of the used visual, or use of a graphic symbol in uence the determination of the aesthetic qualities and originality of the ex-libris. With this study, the evaluation will be provided a perspective through an examination of ex-libris made with di erent techniques and varying content. 


ex-libris, aesthetic, form/content, typography, symbol

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