Frederikshavn Art Museum and Ex-libris Collection

Hasip Pektaş


Ex-libris is the closest encounter with art for mankind. In addition to being
a mark of property, it is an art form that facilitates swapping and sharing. There are thousands of artists and collectors but very few museums devoted to ex-libris.

With the important collections they have, Frederikshavn in Denmark, Gutenberg in Germany, Saint-Nikolas in Belgium, Moscow in Russia, Mediterraneo in Italy, Shanghai Fuxihanzha in China, Malbork in Poland, Nancy in France, Odessa Lewych in Ukraine and Istanbul Ex-libris Museum in Turkey are the world’s major ex-libris museums. The most important museum that managed to reach wide audiences after sharing its collection on the digital environment as well, is the Frederikshavn Art Museum and Ex- libris Collection. 


Ex-libris; Museum; Collection; Local Governments; Digital Environment

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