Experimental Ex-libris and New Approaches

Esma Ünsal Laratte, Armağan Gökçearslan


The notion of experimentality can be found in multiple fields including plastic and performing arts as well as in scientific and technological progress. An experiment; can be defined as a new, untraditional, unclassifiable and surprising notion. From this definition we can presume that all steps taken by mankind in order to achieve what is new, can be considered as experimentality. Experimental ex-libris, asides from being a relatively new notion, with the impact of technological progress, especially due the different approaches of young designers, has added new methods to the traditional design of ex-libris.
In this study titled “Experimental Ex-libris and New Approaches” the notion of experimentality has been studied in the  ex-libris and new ways of expression, through the usage of different materials and trial of new techniques, have been researched. This study is considered to enable the testing of new methods and approaches in the ex-libris design, and can become a source used by ex-libris designers and beginners.


Ex-Libris, Experimental, Graphic Design, Communication, Typography, Art

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