The Use of Tulle, Feather and Leaf Tissues in Turkish Engraving and Ex-libris Art

Mustafa Küçüköner


In this study, the use of tulle, feather and leaf tissues in Turkish engraving and Ex-libris arts, it was aimed to contribute to the painting by embroidering the tulle, feather and leaf materials into the matrix or to integrate it into the matrix in order to support the work of engraving and Ex-libris. It is aimed to see the equivalents of these practices in Turkish engraving and Ex-libris arts.
In this study, especially in engraving and Ex-libris art used in support of the expression of the artist and known as ready-made tissue tulle, feather and leaf tissues are added to the work in the process of the formation process and the final work will be evaluated based on the effect of the visual images of the work on the image. In this context, engraving and Ex-libris samples of Turkish artists Güler Akalan, Fatma Lale Çetin, Sema Boyancı, Gülbin Koçak and Hava Küçüköner will be examined in terms of material plastic and painting image.


Tulle, Feather, Leaf, Engraving, Ex-libris, Tissue.

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